Looking to sell any of your old LEGOs?  We buy new and used LEGOs.

Selling your LEGO sets is easy. We will take care of everything:

  • Payment – Once a price has been agreed upon, we will provide payment via PayPal.
  • Shipping – When we have all the package details, we will email you a pre-paid shipping label.
  • Cleaning – We will clean all the parts for you.

You will receive an offer based on current selling price of current sets in similar condition.  Once an offer has been made and accepted, we will provide you with a shipping label via email and the package can be dropped off at any USPS location.  In order for us to properly cost the shipping, we will need the dimensions and weight of the package.  Payments are made via PayPal.

Using the form below, please indicate SET number, QTY, etc.  Please be as detailed as possible and provide us with photos to help properly quote your request.  If you are selling bulk parts, please indicate the weight of the lot.

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New vs Used LEGOs

New: LEGO sets that are still sealed in their original box. The box is in tact and free of damage.
Used: Anything else.

Do you buy LEGOs in bulk?

Yes, we do buy bulk LEGOs. We pay per pound and expect that all items are LEGO and not another brand. We buy lots from 10lbs up to 500+lbs. Less than 10lbs is not cost effective to ship and we do not accept bulk sales requests outside of the Continental US.